Life is simple as long as you can avoid distractions and enjoy what you do without expectations. I strongly believe that, we must enjoy the path rather than having rosy dreams about the destination. We all here in this world for doing certain duties. Our objectives, path of life and destiny have already been decided, therefore keep calm, stay cool and enjoy every moment of life while contributing with the best of your strength and capabilities in service of mother nature.

I am a social worker with honesty and determination to contribute to positive change in society and a professional certified database administrator ( SQL Server, Oracle and DB2) and AWS certified cloud architect with 15+ years Industry experience.

My Interests -


Database Administration

[ SQL Server, Oracle, DB2]

Enterprise AWS Cloud Architect

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Social Support

Humans are by nature social animal.Anyone without society will be extremely self-centred and will live like an animal. Thus society is integrated part of human existence and we all should serve for it's harmony and health with full our capacity.

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Healthy life is not about healthy body. Without healthy soul, largest& biggest human body is vigour-less.

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